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Ultralight Flights Puerto Penasco

Ultralight Flights Puerto Penasco - SiPenasco Your Tour ProviderUltralight Flights Puerto Penasco.

An Ultra Light-Flight is a lightweight aircraft that uses a slightly larger version of a hang glider wing. The speed at which the aircraft can travel may vary depending on the style of the wing. Light-Flights can provide quite the adrenaline rush, while still managing to be safe. According to Ian, a Light-Flight pilot in Rocky Point with many years of experience, pilots are trained to respect the weather conditions and use good judgment and often spend time practicing various landing maneuvers. “The Light-Flights provide an exhilarating experience and are well worth it”, according to the pilot. Group rates are also available if you have more than 2 people who want to fly. Light-Flights can be found toward the end of Sandy Beach road and Las Conchas road.

Flying ultralights is an exciting and exhilarating sport when done safely. It’s not a step up or down, but a step into a completely different and exciting sector of the flying community. Ultralight Flights typically last about 8 – 15 minutes and can be purchased for anywhere in between $40-50 US. You can purchase these flights pretty much anywhere along the beach in Rocky Point. A majority of the gentlemen who are selling rentals for jet skis and para sailing adventures also do ultralight flights. You will take off right from the beach on your ultralight flight and if you time it well enough you might be able to watch the sunset from your ultralight flight, something that not many people can say they have done. If you are an avid photographer try and bring either a Go-Pro, or a hand held camera on your ultralight flight, it’s not every day that you get to take pictures overlooking all of Rocky Point.

Ultralight Flights Puerto Penasco is an activity you can not miss when visiting our beautiful tourist attraction!

Check out the following video to see what it’s like to travel in an ultralight aircraft!

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