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Boating Puerto Penasco

Boating Puerto Penasco

Boating Puerto Penasco - SiPenasco Your Tour ProviderIf you are easily crowded and/or are looking for a more private affair then one great option for you would be to sail away into the great beautiful waters in Puerto Peñasco’s backyard and get one in a lifetime experience. Relax soaking up the sunshine in these calm waters or party as if you have never done it before. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can do it better abroad a yacht.


Some of the best shows happen on a daily basis. One of such shows is watching the sunset over the ocean. What could possibly be better than that? Here is an idea, watching the sunset over the ocean while sailing into the ocean with nothing blocking the gorgeous view. Sounds great, Does it not? Especially after a long day of adventures swimming, fishing and visiting all the places rocky point has to offer. Nothing is better at that time like relaxing enjoying nature to end the day on a high note. Alternatively, it can also be a way to get the party started!

Along the trip over a route designed for a smooth sailing as well as the best views the Sea of Cortez has to offer, such as the Nightlife and, if you are lucky enough, dolphins too! There is not an occasion when you would not like to go on one of these trips, but it is definitely a great idea for birthday parties, family reunions or an epic floating party. Just make sure you are bringing your camera along because you will certainly want to capture the spectacular fireworks accompanying the sunset.

If you are more interested in a thrilling experience then the Rey del Mar. On this cruise, you will feel the experience of being in a pirate ship while receiving a great service and entertainment. Compete to be the pirate king with the competitions the crew has organized for you to face against your fellow passengers. Go get the treasure!

However, if you are looking to get the heart of that special person, it cannot get much better than one of these trips. Take a relaxed journey into the vastness of the ocean and behold the most stunning sunset you will ever witness and embrace under the moonlight. One of the best options to accomplish this experience would be aboard La Pacifica, a luxurious 96 yacht with every comfort that you could think of. “Even a hot tub?” I hear you say, and the answer is yes, even a hot tub!

Whale watchingBoating Puerto Penasco - Whale Watching

Do you need another reason to visit Puerto Peñasco? Do you love nature? What would you think about sailing alongside one of the biggest animals on the planet? Sounds great, right? From January up to March, these majestic humpback whales navigate the Sea of Cortez because of its warm waters. They travel several miles during winter to get to the haven provided by the perfect weather of the area for them and their younglings. Their annual journey is around 13,000 to 16,000 miles long. Once the whales get to Rocky Point’s waters, the local captains know exactly where to find them and will be happy to take you there.

Although sometimes you will be able to see the whales from the comfort of your balcony, there is no doubt that the best way to watch this majestic creature is sailing next to them while drinking a margarita or the beverage of your preference. Do not miss this unforgettable experience.

Boating Puerto Penasco - Bird IslandIsla san Jorge

The famous Bird Island (also known as Isla San Jorge and Isla de los pajaros), which has been featured on "Animal Planet" and the "Discovery Channel", is a beautiful place located 27 miles SE of rocky point, in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of California. The crystalline water is perfect to admire the abundant sea life of the region including thousands of colorful fish, anemones, starfish, seashells, and many other species. This island has a surface of 50m2 and it is natural reservoir because of its biological importance housing migrating birds, animals and fish trying to cross the Sea of Cortez. Because of this richness of species it is a great place for bird watching, you will watch some rare and exotic birds resting in the cluster of rocks. There are also thousands of sea lions hoping to get a meal.

You can go explore its underwater beauty snorkeling or diving with the water as clean as it is you will no trouble finding the underneath nature treasures. You can also go around the island kayaking or paddle boarding while admiring the creatures that inhabit the island, the calm waters will certainly aid you having a nice time while doing so. Additionally, you can throw your rod and get yourself a nice meal. Furthermore, if swimming is not what you are into, you can always sit back and behold the beauty of the environment, which may include manta rays, dolphin and even whales, all while you are drinking a margarita or your beverage of choice.

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