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ATV Puerto Penasco

ATV Puerto Penasco

ATV Puerto Penasco - Quad over dune

One of the best benefits of a desert location is the huge amount of sand and of course sand dunes. Why is it a benefit? Well, not only they are beautiful to behold but also they are also extremely fun to do some off-road riding along an ATV. These amazing vehicles allow you to explore the Sonoran Desert as well as to get to the top of the toughest hill. Speaking about hills, Competition Hill where you can compete with your friends to get to the top of this 300-foot long 30-degree slope. This place is located right next to Cholla Bay.

Riding your ATV or side by side on roads and streets is tolerated as long as you are sticking to the speed limits and overall just obeying the traffic laws.

One thing that is not tolerated is to ride on beaches. All beaches have an area behind it where it is allowed though, just stay out of the beach since the military police is know to confiscate any vehicle being used in said zone.

If you are bringing you ATV, you should not struggle to find a place to park it since most places allow you to park them in their premises so you can go out and conquer the nearby dunes.

There is a variety of vehicles for you to rent around town including quads, side-by-sides and sand rails. Prices will vary from $15 up to $50 but make sure to use your bargaining skills since most places set their prices expecting you to do so. Do not forget your driver’s license since it will be required as you sign a one-page rental agreement.

Joy and Raymond ATV, Calle 13 #95, 638 383 4103

Javie’s ATV Rentals, C. Plutarco Elias Calles Etre 14 y 15, cell (638) 109-8555 or (638) 107-8086.

Manuel's Quad ATV Rentals, Blvd. Dr. Ernesto Guevara del Campo, cel 638 103 7030

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